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Oct 1, 2014 Abtronic x2 English Product Demo Video. 117K views. 209. 51. Share Panduan dan Cara Menggunakan Abtronic X2. Adie Gym. 13K views.Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers.

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2 hours after breakfast and lunch drink 24 oz. of water. • 2 hours after dinner drink 8 oz. of water or herbal tea. (Limit fluids to 6-8 oz. with meals).Aug 13, 2001 It basically promotes laziness, doesn't stress exercise or a good diet. Still, I don't think that people actually expect it to be a primary source.

IMPORTANTE Por favor, lea el manual de instrucciones completa antes de utilizar el sistema AbTronicX2. Se le dará una mejor comprensión de cómo funciona .If you don't want to use the gel please order off our Abtronix X2 With Gel Pads add) 1 AbTronic X2 Controller 1 Carry Bag 1 Diet and Instruction Manual.

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